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Contact: Mrs. Denea James - Guidance Counselor  478.946.2541 ext 109  Email

WCMS Counseling Department

Counseling Program Overview

Wilkinson County Middle School’s counseling department will deliver a structured, comprehensive counseling program that supports the school goals through effective communication. By removing barriers, we will provide all students with equal opportunity for a success program that focuses on the rapidly changing needs of adolescents. These needs can affect every aspect of the young person's life.

As students in grades 6-8 work to form an identity, counselors help them to balance these needs within the school setting. The counseling department stresses development in three major areas: academic achievement,career and decision- making, and personal/social development.

Counseling Services

 Academic Achievement 

  • Advocate for student advancement and academic placement in classes
  • Help students adjust to the school 
  • Teach students how to manage their time
  • Student and/or parent conference

Career and Educational Decision-Making 

  • Educate students about high school career pathway choices
  • Determine student career interests
  • Explore career options
  • Teach problem-solving and decision-making skills

Personal and Social Development 

  • Educate students on how to become their own advocates
  • Help students discover their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Teach students problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques
  • Assist students with conflict management and interpersonal relationships